Learning resources cease to become effective if they do not meet the needs of the learners. When developing resources, consideration needs to be given to what the resources are supporting. Knowledge Designs has been developing culturally diverse and context-specific resources for over 20 years.  By asking the right questions and understanding your needs, Knowledge Designs can customise and provide the right resources for your specific needs.

Utilising your specific branding, or helping you to develop one of your own, Knowledge Designs has a resource to suit your needs.

Resources we can provide include:

Learning Resources

  • Learner / Participant Guides (view sample)
  • Learner Workbooks, including assessments, activities, scenarios (view sample)
  • PowerPoint presentations (view sample)
  • Assessor / Trainer / Instructor Guides (view sample)
  • Assessment Matrix (Mapping Document) (view sample)
  • Supporting Materials (Training & Delivery Strategies, Session/Lesson Plans, etc.) (view sample)

Business Resources

  • Processes / Procedures / SOP (view sample)
  • Staff Induction Packs (view sample)
  • Presentation Packs (view sample)
  • WHS Documentation Packs (view sample)
  • Instruction Manuals / Guides (view sample)
  • Quick Reference Guides (view sample)

Fundamental to our client’s satisfaction and guarantee to providing quality service, all resource development includes:

  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Document Formatting
  • Version Control based on your specific standards
  • Supply of MS Word format

Knowledge Designs is passionate about providing the right resources that will support your business needs, so contact us now!